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Finding Science News in Holman Library Databases

Find Science Info for the Interested Public 

Use ProQuest, Academic Search Complete, and Science in Context to search for information for the interested public on topics related to your field of study.

  • IMPORTANT: Limit to only magazine and/or newspaper articles at Source Type to find current news and analysis for the general public.

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Why News?

Why use magazine and newspaper articles?

When you search the library's periodical databases, most articles in your results are either from a newspaper, magazine, or journal.

Magazine and newspaper articles are a great place to start

  • Magazine articles are written for a general audience and explore current issues in some depth . 
  • While most newspaper articles are too short to provide a lot of information or analysis, newspapers give you insight into the daily impact of social concerns. Some newspapers also include longer investigative and analytical pieces. Look for science journalism in major newspapers, such as the New York Times.
  • Both newspapers and magazines may offer opinion pieces on current science, environmental, and technology issues.
  • To limit to more substantial articles, at document type, limit to feature articles or cover stories to more substantial articles.