BUS 310 Marketing Research

CRM Improvement Strategies

CRM Improvement Strategies

To generate ideas to improve Customer Relationship Management use a range of strategies: 

Think about the company and industry reports, news and analysis you have read. 

  • Ask: What's working well - and identify strengths and trends to improve upon.
  • Read SWOT analyses closely for product enhancement strategies.
  • Ask: What isn't working well - and identify weaknesses, complaints, potential future problems.
  • Identify industry trends, services and products
  • Compare: What services, technologies, and CRM strategies are other companies in the industry pursuing? Use databases to compare companies, read Market Research reports, and search directly for information on competitors

​Use your research and imagination. What approach is not currently being taken, but evidence suggests as a potential path?

Look online at company websites. What do they say about developing products, trends, etc.?

King County Library System (KCLS) - Business Databases

Accessing the KCLS Library System

King County Library System  logo

As a student at Green River College, you automatically have access to online library resources at King County Library System, including the Business Databases listed below. 

Log in to KCLS digital resources:
  • To Log in: use GRC + your student username. (The part before the @ in your GRC email address.) Type GRC in capital letters and your username with lowercase letters. 
    • Example email: GRCsmith.jane.23
    • Wrong: GRCSmith.Jane.23. Must use lowercase for the username.
  • PIN number: your pin is the last four characters of your log in. Example: e.23
Business Databases
  • Morningstar Investment Research Center
  • Axle Reference Solutions (formerly ReferenceUSA)
  • Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce
  • Value Line Investment Survey Reports

Key Business Databases