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MUSC 102 Global Pop Music & MUSC 104 Music in World Cultures (Mueller): Home

This guide will help you research and cite sources for your video profile assignment in Global Pop Music and Music in World Cultures.


Welcome to your World / Global Pop Music Research Guide. Use the tabs above to navigate through the guide.

Need the handouts from the library sessions? Here you go:

Databases for Reference Articles

Databases for Magazine, Newspaper, & Scholarly Articles

Websites & Repositories on the Open Web

Note: Google (or any other Internet search engine) can definitely be a good place to start exploring some possible topics. Just be careful - because there is so much stuff on the Internet, it can be difficult separating the reliable from the unreliable information! You'll need to be extra careful and research the website or author of the online article. 

One Tip: Use Google to browse for some possible video topics. Then, go back to the databases at the library to check for reference articles, scholarly articles, or books on those topics. You may be surprised at what you find!