HIST 220 African American History

What's in this guide?

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This guide was created to help HIST 220 students by honing skills in evaluating sources, developing a research topic, finding information, and citing sources.  It includes research tools from the main Green River College Holman Library Website that are most useful to HIST 220 students.

How to Use this Guide:

  • Option A: Navigate by starting at the top tab and clicking each tab in succession. The guide is structured to walk you through the steps and skills needed for a typical research process.

  • Option B: Click on specific tabs to locate the targeted info and research tools that you need

Topic Options

Topic options for Fall 2023

1.  Role of Afro-Americans in military from WWII - present​

2. Legacy and impact of Afro-American athletes on U.S. society and politics​

3.  Impact of 50 years of hip hop on U.S society/culture​

4. Impact of John Lewis on current Afro-American politics.