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JAPN 142 Japanese Culture: Finding Books Outside of Holman Library

Finding & Using Items from GRC & KCLS

You can find information about your item and other related books or videos on the King County Library System catalog as well.

These items can be sent to Green River by requesting an Interlibrary Loan - this is a free service for current Green River students!

book record - KCLS

You can find out a good amount of useful information about a book or video from its library record, including links to other related items that can also provide information for your project!

For example, if I want to create a cookbook of recipes that I could bake & possibly sell, the book listed below might help give me ideas about what professional bakers need to know. This catalog record tells me what the book is about, how old it is, and where to find it.

" "

" "

I can then take suggestions from the book itself to help develop my project and my oral presentation-- for example, the book Start Your Own Restaurant and More includes tips about the types of baked goods that sell well. So I may choose recipes for my baking cookbook that match these types of baked goods:

Bakery idea

Note - If you use more than one source, you'll still cite both sources! In this example, I would create MLA citations for BOTH the bakery business book AND the cinnamon roll recipe I use.

KCLS/GRC Online Library Resources - students/faculty (other libraries)

Green River Students:

You can access KCLS online resources automatically as a student at GRC.

  • To Log in: use GRC + your student username. (The part before the @ in your GRC email address.)
  • Example OLD email: GRCjsmith23
  • Example NEW email: GRCsmith.jane.23
  • PIN number: your pin is the last four characters of your log in. Example: e.23

Faculty / Staff:

  • Faculty /Staff need to opt-in to access items from KCLS using a GRC log in. (You can access the form to "opt-in" on GatorNet):

Note: When you sign up for KCLS/GRC online access, your account will be activated during the next account update. KCLS/GRC updates run once a week; requests received by Friday afternoon will be ready Monday morning.

Already signed up for KCLS/GRC access?

Find KCLS resources here:

Come ask us at the Holman Library Reference desk, or check out our "How to Log In at Green River College" guide for more assistance: