ENGL 127 Research Writing: Social Sciences (Wilber)

The Podcast Project: For students enrolled in English 127 with Ari Wilber

Why Primary Sources?

Primary Sources are documents and other artifacts from an era under investigation. Primary sources include news articles, letters, government documents, photographs, and other historical data. 

If your research involves an earlier time in US history, for example the US Civil Rights Movement era, then you may want to look at sources from that era.

Other Historical Newspapers

Using Historical Newspapers

Historical Newspapers in Library Databases 

Streaming Video database

Searching for Films

Use the library's Films on Demand database to find streaming educational films & journalism in order to learn more about your topic.

ProQuest History Study Center: Database with Primary Sources

3: Limit by era

4. Limit by Subject

primary sources- by subject

5. Limit by Information Type to Primary Sources

limit to primary sources

Sample: S Civil Rights History: 

Primary Sources from the Civil Rights Era

US History in Context: Database with Primary Sources

1. Search or Browse for Historical Eras and Topics

us history in context - browse

2. Select a Topic from the list to open a collection of information on that topic.

US History in context civil rights info types

3. Select PRIMARY SOURCES on the right for a selection of important sources from the era.

Find Books for Context

Using Ebooks

Read a book or a book chapter to learn more about your topic. Books often include a broad overview and/or definition of a top, as well as more in-depth research. 

You may limit to e-books when searching the main catalog, One Search, or search directly in our ebook collections linked below.