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Searching for audio/visual content

Search for films, documentaries, television, and other media owned by Holman Library.

Use Films on Demand and Primo One Search tool.

  • In One Search, limit to Audio Visual Materials
  • In Films on Demand search by keyword or use subject limiters to find relevant sources.
    • View entire video or use a relevant segment!
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  • To access digital resources off campus, enter your SID when prompted.

Find Documentaries, Videos, Radio & More

Find Videos, Radio, Podcasts & More

Why Multimedia?

Why Multimedia?

multimedia icons

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Multimedia refers to documentaries, television news and analysis programs, radio news, podcasts and more.

Use multimedia as you would newspapers, magazines, and general books; that is, to help you understand:

  • Who the stakeholders are in regard to your topic - who is impacted, who the key players are, etc.
  • Context and historical background
  • Why this issue is happening
  • Key concepts and terminology
  • A specific aspect of  your topic
  • ... and more

Image Source: "Multimedia icons vector image" by OpenClipart is in the Public Domain

Sample Criminal Legal System Podcasts to Browse