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Natural Resources: Find Articles

This guide will help you find resources, research, and cite information for your Natural Resources classes.

Types of Articles in GRC Databases

Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Research Articles

Types of articles in the natural and social sciences include:

A Research article reports on an original experiment or study that investigates a stated problem. The study is carefully controlled so that results are valid. Data is collected and analyzed. 

A Literature Review summarizes and analyzes the important articles on a topic. Literature reviews are a great resource for learning about the scope of research, question, issues and theories in a field. 

A Theoretical article is an article that presents a theoretical approach to a question or field. It draws on others' research to support the theory, rather than presenting new research and data.

Magazine Articles

Types include:

  • in-depth information about current events (magazines).
  • information or opinions about popular culture (magazines).
  • further information about a field of study or issue (trade journals).

Holman Library Primo One Search

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Use Holman Library One Search to:
  • Search for books, CDs, videos and articles in Holman Library
  • Get an overview of information on a subject
  • Track down citations
Sample Search:

This sample search of "green tea" in the image below found over 79,508 books, articles, videos.

  • Use "Advanced Search" to add additional search options.
  • The "Filter My Results" options on the left let you sort by type (books, videos, articles), location (library items), and date. 

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Primo One Search on 'green tea'

Find Articles in Databases


Academic Search Complete example search

Interlibrary Loan

Can't find the full text article in Agricola or another database?

Ask the Holman Library to get it for you with an Interlibrary Loan:

Journal of Forestry