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Natural Resources: Water; Water Qualtiy; Wetlands

This guide will help you find resources, research, and cite information for your Natural Resources classes.

Sample searches on water: books (paper and electronic)

Wondering what to type in the search box? Some sample keyword searches:

  • water = 1057 results (books, paper and electronic)
  • water AND quality = 235 results (books, paper and electronic)
  • "water quality" = 133 results (books, paper and electronic) 

Holman Library Primo One Search

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Use Holman Library One Search to:
  • Search for books, CDs, videos and articles in Holman Library
  • Get an overview of information on a subject
  • Track down citations
Sample Search:

This sample search of "green tea" in the image below found over 79,508 books, articles, videos.

  • Use "Advanced Search" to add additional search options.
  • The "Filter My Results" options on the left let you sort by type (books, videos, articles), location (library items), and date. 

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Primo One Search on 'green tea'


Water Quality