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Physical Therapy: Find Books

Use this guide as a starting point for your research in the area of physical therapy as well as topics in general health, physiology and kinesiology.

Reference Books

  • Reference Books offer both basic information and concise overviews of topics in physical therapy and related areas. 
  • These books stay in the library, but you are welcome to photocopy articles for your research papers.

Electronic Books


Find Electronic Books on a wide range of topics including specialized nursing and computing collections. You can access these anywhere you have an internet connection. Just use your SID to log in off campus.

I recommend the online collection in ProQuest Ebook Central for physical therapy subjects.

Sample title:

Holman Library Primo One Search

Holman Library logo

Use Holman Library One Search to:
  • Search for books, CDs, videos and articles in Holman Library
  • Get an overview of information on a subject
  • Track down citations
This sample search of "green tea" in the image below found over 79,508 books, articles, videos.
  • Use "Advanced Search" to add additional search options.
  • The "Filter My Results" options on the left let you sort by type (books, videos, articles), location (library items), and date. 

(click on image to enlarge)

Primo One Search on 'green tea'

Beyond our collection: Interlibrary Loan

Using the Interlibrary Loan Service

InterLibrary Loan: No library has it all! But the InterLibrary Loan (or ILL) is a service offered by Holman Library for borrowing books and articles from other libraries. 

For your research it is important to search many places.
  • First, start with the books and articles available through the Holman Library.

  • Then, If you find books and articles that the Library does NOT have access to, just request them through Interlibrary Loan.

  • Using Interlibrary Loan increases the amount of resources available to you and helps you become a more thorough researcher.

  • Books and other items that require mailing may take 1-2 weeks.

  • Articles and other digital items may arrive within 2-5 days. Use your email as your contact info and the article will be sent directly to you.

Other places you can search...

Use the links below to look for books, articles and more beyond our collection:

To request an item, use information you find in the tools above to fill out the Student Interlibrary Loan form. If you need help filling out this form, call the library reference desk at (253) 931-6480.

InterLibrary Loan requests are free to current GRC students, faculty and staff.

Call Number Areas

Browse these call number areas in the Holman Library book shelves to find information on your topic.

Look for these numbers in the Reference Collection, the Main Collection and the Oversize Collection (ask a librarian for help!)

Tip: To browse by call number virtually in the Holman Library One Search, select Advanced Search and limit Any Field to Call No.


610 Medicine
    610.73 Nursing
611 Human Anatomy, Cytology, Histology
612 Human physiology
    612.76 Kinesiology
613 Promotion of health
614 Incidence & prevention of disease
615 Pharmacology & therapeutics
    615.82 Physical Therapy
    615.8515 Occupational Therapy
616 Diseases
    617.1027 Sports Medicine
617 Surgery & related medical specialities
618 Gynecology & other medical specialities
619 Experimental medicine

Also see:
174.2 Medical Ethics