PHYS 114/154 & PHYS 115/155 Biophysics Essay

This guide is designed to help you find resources for the biophysics essay


Here are some search terms or phrases to try. Combine concepts in your search as needed to focus and narrow your search, e.g. 'force' alone won't give you good results.  Pair it with 'bite' or 'fastpitch'.

  • acceleration
  • physics sports (also: physics- baseball, high jump, running, martial arts, etc.)
  • biomechanics
  • torque
  • momentum
  • lever
  • elastic potential energy
  • kinetic energy
  • force
  • ground reaction force
  • musculature
  • skeleton
  • angular momentum friction
  • energy
  • conservation of energy
  • kinematics
  • locomotion
  • mechanics
  • speed or acceleration
  • types of motion, such as: trot, sprint, run, hop, jump, swing, kick, etc.

Article databases

Search these databases for articles on biomechanics topics.

Article search tips

Four Essential SEARCH STEPS

(An example from the database Academic Search Complete but these tips apply to most databases.)

1. Use "Advanced Search" to give you more power when you search.   


2. Narrow

3. Use other narrowing terms.


4. Look through your search results to find articles relevant to your research topic.

Google scholar

Google Scholar Search

Sometimes you can find full text academic/scholarly articles through Google Scholar.  An article that has a bold link in the margin on the right hand side is available in full text.  It may be that an article you find that is not available in full text on the web is available in the library databases.

In print in the library

Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise

Find this journal in our print periodicals section!

Although the library owns this journal in print, for convenience, search issues electronically via this journal's website, linked below. Access the full text at Holman Library. Ask for help at the Reference Desk as needed.