ENGL 127 Research Writing: Social Sciences (Schaefer)

This research guide is for students in Amanda Schaefer's English 127: Focus on Family & Home

Holman Library Primo One Search

Get an overview of ideas addressed and information types on your topic with the Holman Library One Search.

One Search is good for:

  • Getting an overview of information on a subject
  • Finding print and e-books in Holman Library
  • Finding audiovisual resources (though go to Films on Demand for a more current search)
  • Finding newspaper articles from library databases
  • Finding peer reviewed articles across library databases
  • Tracking down sources from a references list

One Search is not best for:

  • Finding reference articles
  • Finding magazine articles
  • Finding articles on specialized topics

Primo does not capture everything in library databases. Start with Primo for an overview of ideas and source types, and then follow up in individual subject databases.



FILTER BY: source type, subject, date, and more.

Holman Library One Search - Find books, articles, videos & more

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Use Holman Library One Search to:
  • Search for books, articles, audiovisual, and more in Holman Library
  • Get an overview of information on a subject
  • Track down citations

Use filters on the left to limit by specific source type, date range, and more.