ENGL 097 English Express (Moore)

For students in Julie Moore's English 97

Holman Library One Search

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Use Holman Library One Search to:
  • Search for books, articles, audiovisual, and more in Holman Library
  • Get an overview of information on a subject
  • Track down citations

Use filters on the left to limit by specific source type, date range, and more.

Why One Search?

Holman Library One Search

The library One Search searches for information in all library databases and collections at once. 

Sometimes that is helpful - and other times, the results can be overwhelming and also not the most relevant. 

Here are a few reasons to use the One Search:

  • Use it for an overview of "the conversation" on a topic. Type in your keywords to get a sense of the range of things journalists, scholars, and others are looking at on the topic.
  • Relatedly, the One Search can be useful for narrowing down an overly broad topic.
  • Limit to Reference with filters on the left menu in One Search and you'll be searching in a broader reference collection than Gale eBooks.
  • The One Search is useful for looking for scholarship across the library's different databases at once. 
  • The One Search is the only way to find print books - and a useful way to search print and ebooks at once.
  • Click on the title of something found with the One Search to learn more about that item before reading/ viewing it. 

Here are a few reasons to use individual databases:

  • Subject terms listed in the filters of the One Search are overly general. Academic Search Complete and ProQuest provide much more relevant and useful Subject Terms.
  • It can be overwhelming to find so much at once - and thus difficult to find what you need.