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For students in Julie Moore's English 97

Find Print and eBooks & Book Chapters in Holman Library

Search for Books & Book Chapters in the Holman Library Collection

Wondering what to type in the search box?

Type in words that capture what you want to learn about. 

  1. Connect and focus your key ideas with AND:
    • ex: learning AND trauma
  2. Expand your search with OR. Use for synonyms and related ideas.
    • ex: women OR girls OR gender
  3. Put exact phrases in quotes:
    • ex: "learning styles"
    • ex: "class participation"
  4. Note that not using quotation marks can also be a helpful strategy:
    • ex: learning from failure 

Type in your search terms to find relevant books and book chapters on your subject. 

(click on image to enlarge)

education AND learning from failure

I found this book chapter with my search: 

chapter: learning how to embrace failure

Use Filters to:
  • Limit your search to print (available in the library) or digital (view online)
  • Limit to book chapters (useful for finding just that one useful chapter!)
  • Limit to books and omit videos from this search
  • Set a date limit to find fairly current sources
To learn more about a book or article:
  • Click on the title.
  • Scroll down and read Subject Terms
  • Read the Description and/ or the Table of Contents to see what the book is about

The image below highlights the subject terms and table of contents (chapter list) from a book called South Korea's Education Exodus The Life and Times of Early Study Abroad. 

  • I found this book with the search education AND south korea.

Book Record- Subjects & Chapters

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