ENGL 097 English Express (Moore)

For students in Julie Moore's English 97

Start with Reference

Start with a Topic Overview

Start to get informed and find research leads on your topic using library reference sources such as academic encyclopedias, handbooks, and reports in print and in databases. Use the links below to search.

Here is an example from an article I found in Gale eBooks titled "Learning Styles Across Cultures." Note that I have a mix of highlighted keywords and some highlighted ideas I might start to learn from. You will see that the entire excerpt is full of interesting and possibly useful ideas for my essay, including learning styles, cross cultural competence, and collaborative learning.

(Click on images to enlarge)

Learning Styles across Cultures - snip

Here is an example from Global Road Warrior. It is the start of the Education section for Hong Kong. This source is more fact-focused and less academic.

hong - education - global road warrior

Start with an Overview

Ask Clarifying Questions

Find background information on your current topics in library databases. When searching, be sure to ask yourself these questions!

Who: Who does this impact? Who is involved?

What: What are the key issues? 

When: When is this an issue? What is its context & history? 

Where: Where is this an issue?

Why: Why is this occurring? Why does it matter?

How: How is it currently being addressed? How can it be changed?