ENGL 097 English Express (Moore)

For students in Julie Moore's English 97

Official Country Information on the Web

Find Country Information Online

Find Country Websites

If your research is into an education system outside of the US, see what you can find on official websites from that country. You can search by country, county, or city.

To find an official website, and not a tourist one, here are two strategies:

  1. Type the city or country name and "official website" into the web.
  2. Type the name of a city, region, or country into a web browser. Open in Wikipedia. Check the area overview box in the upper right of the Wikipedia page for an official website.

Find Education News from / about a Country

Try a Web search for newspaper articles and broadcasts about education from a specific country or region. 

Use the search feature of the news website to look for articles on education.

Sample sources:

Reference Sources

Countries: General Information Databases

Library Country Databases