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Recommended National News Websites

The New York Times
The Washington Post
The Los Angeles Times
The Christian Science Monitor

News vs. Editorials & Opinion Pieces

  • not all articles on news sites are actual news articles; some are editorials and opinion pieces
News Articles Editorials & Opinion Pieces

•    information is neutral; facts are verifiable. If opinions are expressed, they are the clearly delineated as opinions of experts or interviewees, not the opinion of the author

•    tone and word choice is formal

•    generally offers more than one point of view.  Some of them may be contrasting

•    attempt to advocate, persuade, make recommendations, speculate, analyze

•    opinion is that of the author

•    tone may be colloquial, angry, praiseworthy, sarcastic...etc.

•    offers one point of view

•    sometimes labeled as: blog, op-ed, letter to the editor, editorial, commentary


Distinguishing Between Fact and Opinion:

Source: "Distinguishing Fact from Opinion" by Snap Language, is licensed under a Standard YouTube License.