Research Guide: Books

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Where are the books?

Looking for Textbooks in the Library?

When you wander through the books upstairs in the Holman Library, the truth is that you will not see many traditional textbooks lining the shelves. Because of the nature of the textbook market, most textbooks are fairly expensive, too expensive for the library's budget. The books you will find in the library are meant to support the classes being taught on campus - they can help with your research, but most instructors still expect each student to have access to the textbook/s selected for each specific course. When an instructor donates or lends a textbook to the library for students' use, it is put on course reserve and can be checked out for a limited time. 

Learn more about how to find textbooks at GRC

The link below will take you to the guide created to help you find textbooks that you can buy, rent, or borrow.