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BIOL 103: Introduction to Botany: Biology 103


Research Guide

This guide will help students complete the botany 103 individual research project.

Use the tabs above to navigate to information on how to do research and to find information from a range of credible sources.

Holman Library

Sample Research Topic: Genetically Modified Foods

Your Assignment

Your assignment:

You will do a research report and presentation on a chosen topic in Botany. You will choose your project topic during week 1 of the quarter and work on the project during the entire term. 

A list of suggested topics is here; if you have another strong idea, check with your teacher.

You are required to use and cite a minimum of 5 credible sources, two of which must be scholarly. Use this guide to help you find credible sources and to differentiate between credible information published for a mainstream audience and a scholarly audience.

You will cite your sources in APA style format.

Your final essay will be 3-4 pages plus a references list.

Your final presentation will have 10 slides.