Basic Computer Skills

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Click on the different tabs in this guide to explore options for how to learn basic computer skills at Green River College, in your community and onine

Learning new skills can be both challenging and rewarding...

Basic Computer Skills - HELP AT GREEN RIVER

Continuing Education Classes

Computer Basics Classes offered through the Continuing Education Program (non-credit classes):

Full list of Continuing Education Classes:

Tutoring Center

Connect with BTAC (Business Technologies and Administrative Careers) Tutors one-on-one to ask specific computer questions and get assistance with basic technology: 

Holman Library

While the Holman Library does not offer scheduled computer classes, there are librarians and student help desk workers who can assist you and answer specific questions about computers:

Visit the Holman Library, second floor during open hours:

Also, contact a librarian online:

Office of Diversity Education and Inclusion

Connect with ODEI (Office of Diversity Education and Inclusion) Peer Navigators to find mentorship and get some help with computer skills:

Visit the ODEI Office in the Student Union building (Campus Life Office 240) to use computers in a supportive environment:

Basic Computer Skills - HELP IN YOUR COMMUNITY

Pierce County Public Library

Your local public library also provides basic computer help:

Goodwill Computer & Job Training

Goodwill Stores offer basic computer classes for you:

  1. First, click on the link above.
  2. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click "view offerings by county"

FREE Introductory courses are for people who have no computer experience or who need a little extra training.

Classes include:
  • Computer and Mobile Basics
  • ESOL Computer and Mobile Basics
  • Online Work Readiness Class and Workshops
  • Microsoft Word & Google Docs
  • Microsoft Excel & Google Sheets

You will learn the basics of how to operate a computer, including typing (keyboarding), internet, and email. Later, you can take classes in Microsoft Word and Excel to learn to create simple spreadsheets and documents like a resume.

They also offer online job search classes and special computer classes for non-native English speakers. Add / Reorder

TechConnect Support

Basic Computer Skills - HELP ONLINE

What is LinkedIn Learning?

Green River students, Faculty, and Staff have access to LinkedIn Learning, a specialized database that video tutorials on a variety of technology subjects. 

  1. First, follow the directions in the box below to log in to LinkedIn Learning
  2. After you log in to Linkedin Learning, type this into the search box at the top: basic computer skills
  3. Finally, look through the list of results to find a video that covers the topics you are interested in

GRC LinkedIn Learning Guide

How to sign up for or log in to LinkedIn Learning

Signing in to the Portal

You will sign in through Green River College's portal using your Green River email address and email password.

(click on image to enlarge)

Campus network log in screen

Don't know your Green River email address? Need to set/reset your email password? Use the link below:

Setting Up Your Account

If this is your first time signing in to LinkedIn Learning, you may be asked to set up your LinkedIn Learning account. This is not required. You can either (1) connect a LinkedIn account or (2) log in without connecting a LinkedIn account:

  1. Connect a LinkedIn social media account:

​(click on image to enlarge)
image of the "Log in with LinkedIn account" page

  1. Log in without connecting a LinkedIn social media account:

(click on image to enlarge)
image of "Log in without LinkedIn account"


If it is not your first time signing in to your GRC LinkedIn Learning account, you will be taken to your LinkedIn Learning homepage after signing in.

(click on image to enlarge)

image of LinkedIn Learning homepage

GRC LinkedIn Learning - FAQs

Q: Can I log on to my GRC LinkedIn Learning (LiL) account on the LiL website?

A: Yes, with some extra steps:

  1. On the LinkedIn Learning homepage, select "Sign In":

  1. On the sign-in page, enter your Green River student email address ending in and click continue:

Sign in to LinkedIn Learning with student email address

  1. Select "Continue to Green River College." You will be redirected to the Green River sign in portal, where you can log in as normal with your student email address and email password.

LinkedIn Learning login, continue to GRC

Q. Why isn't my login working?

Update January 2022 - LinkedIn Learning is not available in Mainland China. 
Message from LinkedIn -
LinkedIn is preparing to sunset the local version of LinkedIn on the Chinese Mainland and launch a new jobs application designed to help companies find Chinese Mainland-based professionals. As part of the new experience, LinkedIn Learning will no longer be accessible to learners logging in from the Chinese Mainland."


A. In order to log in to GRC's LinkedIn Learning subscription, you will need to be a GRC student currently enrolled in credit classes, faculty, or staff member. The list of current Green River students is updated between quarters. For example, if you were a student in Winter Quarter but did not sign up for classes in Spring Quarter, your login may stop working over Spring Break.

Use your email  address to sign in through Green River.


Not sure if you are enrolled in classes? - Check your class schedule on the student portal: My Green River:

Have you set a password for your student email account ending in

If you are not a current Green River student, faculty, or staff member but would like access to LinkedIn Learning, you may be able to sign in through the King County Library System or your local public library.

Other login troubleshooting tips to keep in mind:
Chromebooks (Auburn / Kent School District Laptops)


Our Green River log-in portal doesn't work well with the Kent/Auburn School District Chromebooks (because of security restrictions on the Chromebooks).

  • We suggest: trying a different computer if possible (or even a smartphone). Or if using another device is not possible - contact the Running Start office for assistance contacting ASD/KSD IT help with your Chromebook.
Clearing your browser cache and cookies


Please make sure your browser is up-to-date and clear out browsing history and cookies. That will hopefully clear out any old "memory" of an automatic connection that is causing a redirect issue.

On Chrome, that looks like this:

And here is how to clear your cache and cookies on other web browsers beyond Chrome:

Still having trouble?


  • Contact us at the library ( - sending screenshots of any error messages or login errors you see will help us, too. Thank you!

Q. I had signed in to LinkedIn Learning through Green River before January 2022. Where are my saved items (playlists, viewing history, etc.)?

A. Green River College changed student email domains in Fall 2021 (from '' to '') If you signed in with an old student account previously, items were saved under that previous email address. Holman Library is working on manually matching "old" accounts and saved items to the "new"," but saved playlists will be unavailable until accounts can be transitioned.

If you're not sure what your "new" email address is, and you are currently enrolled at GRC, you can look it up on our website!

Q. A link in the library catalog to a LinkedIn video did not work. How can I find the video again?

A. If a link in the library's OneSearch does not connect directly to the video's page, try searching for the video title once you log in. 

Links may not work perfectly while we update our records in our Holman Library OneSearch catalog-- we apologize for the inconvenience.

Q. I see a security warning when I try to sign on. How can I access the Green River sign-on portal?

A. Some browsers may show an error message warning that "the web domain '' may be unsafe" or "not private." 

If you see this message, you can still access the sign on page by clicking on

  1. "Show Advanced," and then  
  2. "Proceed to '' anyway..."  

(click on image to enlarge)

image of  how to access GRC sign on with connection error

Getting more help

If the suggestions above are not working and you are a current Green River student, faculty or staff member who needs assistance logging in, please contact the library for more assistance.

You can reach the librarians a variety of ways for help

email iconEmail

phone iconPhone

(253) 931-6480 during library open hours:

Info Desk iconIn Person at the Reference Desk

Librarians are available at Holman Library during the library's open hours.