Research Guide: Audio and Video

Use this guide to learn more about how to find good audio and video resources

Questions to Ask Yourself

Why use audio or video sources?

These sources
  • can be valid sources for research!!
  • give you a visual and emotional understanding of your topic
  • allow you to hear important talks or lectures at your own convenience 
  • can provide authentic, first-hand accounts of events from participants or witnesses in the film 
  • are great for presentations you must give in front of a class - keep your audience interested and engaged!
  • need to be evaluated to determine if they are of good quality

Is it a "good" video for your research?  Evaluate it!



Film Archives

**Tip for finding historical footage (primary sources) on YouTube: Search for your topic/event by name AND include one of the following words:

newsreel, archival, clip, footage, interview, speech


Source: "Video: Dating Do's and Don'ts (1949)" by Coronet Instructional Films, is in the public domain Educational use.