Research Guide: Audio and Video

Use this guide to learn more about how to find good audio and video resources

Questions to Ask Yourself

Why use audio or video sources?

These sources
  • can be valid sources for research!!
  • give you a visual and emotional understanding of your topic
  • allow you to hear important talks or lectures at your own convenience 
  • can provide authentic, first-hand accounts of events from participants or witnesses in the film 
  • are great for presentations you must give in front of a class - keep your audience interested and engaged!
  • need to be evaluated to determine if they are of good quality

Is it a "good" video for your research?  Evaluate it!

Good Sources for Audio

Using radio programs, sound recordings, or podcasts

Audio sources, like recorded talks or lectures, as well as radio programs, sound clips, and podcasts can be a great resource to you. 

Linked below are some common sources for great audio programs and recordings

Listen to This

Interviews as key resources

Listen now:

"Man-on-the-Street" is an interview recorded on December 10, 1941, just following the attack on Pearl Harbor. This is a great primary source!

This is an image called "after the day of infamy" that introduces the interview clip collection at the library of congress website

Local Resources