ANTH Courses: Finding Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

What's in this guide?

Identifying, Locating and Using Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles for your Anthropology Courses

  • This guide was created to help you identify, find and use peer-reviewed journal articles (also called "scholarly" or "academic" articles).
  • Use the tabs to the left to navigate through this guide.

Video: Scholarship is a conversation

Research 101: Scholarship is a Conversation Video Objectives:

  • Identify existing knowledge in a field and the contribution particular articles, books and other scholarly work make to disciplinary knowledge
  • Identify the ongoing conversation on a subject and step into that conversation at an appropriate level
  • Identify debate and disagreement
  • Seek out multiple perspectives
  • Think critically about existing knowledge in a field
  • See themselves as creators, rather than simply consumers, of information

Source: Anna Eisen (2014, May 12)
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