NATRS 270 - Stream/Wetland Ecology

Just in case: Federal Government Shutdown

error message that appeared on the website during the 2018 shutdown

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If there is a Government shutdown... is possible some federal websites may be partially or completely unavailable until government funding resumes. This makes researching more difficult! Here are some strategies you can use to "work around" resource closures in the case of a shutdown:

  • Use library databases (like: JSTOR, ProQuest. EBSCO, etc.)
  • Try the library's Primo One Search (we may have local access)
  • Look for similar STATE or LOCAL resources (like: white papers, publications by Washington State offices)
  • See if relevant NONPROFIT ORGS provide links (like: NatureServ)
  • Try Google Scholar (it will try to find you full text on the web)
  • Talk to a librarian! (We can't always find everything locked down during a federal shutdown, but we can help you locate alternatives!)

Welcome to your NATRS 270: Stream/Wetland Ecology Research Guide! 

This guide will help you locate peer-reviewed research studies, government and nonprofit monitoring reports, and other materials that you may use to help support your backgroud research for your own primary research and data reports.

Use the tabs to navigate the sections of this guide. Need more help-- find many different ways to contact librarians and other Green River resources on the "More Help" tab.