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About Drama


   dra·ma  n.
(drä'mə, drām'ə)


1.     a. A prose or verse composition, especially one telling a serious story, that is intended for representation by actors impersonating the characters and performing the dialogue and action. 

       b. A serious narrative work or program for television, radio, or the cinema. 

2. Theatrical plays of a particular kind or period: Elizabethan drama. 

3. The art or practice of writing or producing dramatic works. 

4. A situation or succession of events in real life having the dramatic progression or emotional effect characteristic of a play: the drama of the prisoner's escape and recapture. 

5. The quality or condition of being dramatic: a summit meeting full of drama.


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Getting Started

Image of smiling and frowning drama masksBreak a leg!

This page contains general information and resources for begining your research on a play or playwright.

Choose from:

Plays and Monologues

Theatre History and Reviews  

Greek Theatre


Multicultural Theatre

Community Resources

If you don't find what you are looking for here, contact a librarian for additional Help! 


Play Scripts in the Holman Library

Some play scripts are published separately, but others are published in anthologies. This list is intended to make the scripts easier to find. The list is arranged alphabetically, by the family name (usually last name) of the author.  It can also be searched by play title. 

If the book does not contain the whole play, but only selected scenes (including monologues), that will be noted in the list.

Links to electronic books and streaming videos are also included.