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Where do I start? Browsing for ideas: Starting Points for Research

Browsing the web and doing background reading often lead to the best ideas for a research paper, speech, or assignment. Use this page to start looking for ideas for your next research project.

Picking Your Topic *IS* Research

Remember, picking a good topic usually starts with background reading and test searches. Your topic may shift and change as you do more searching and see what information is available.

Getting Started

Need a topic idea? Doing some background reading can help. Browse websites or databases and see what looks interesting. Use the tabs above to select a starting point.

In general, you should:

  • Make sure your topic is appropriate for your assignment and your class's subject area.
  • Think about things you think are interesting, important, or that you wouldn't mind spending time reading about.
  • Know that you can always ask for help from your instructor or a librarian.
For more detailed information on developing a research topic, see the step-by-step guides and links below: