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CMST 220 Public Speaking: Home

This guide is to help you find good topics and evidence for your Informative or Persuasive/Position speeches in CMST& 220: Public Speaking.

Research Session Handouts & Resources: Will Scott's class, Wi23


 This guide will help you with a common Communication Studies assignment: giving a speech.  This guide is intended to help you through your research and citation/annotation to complete your speech assignment. When you need assistance with any aspect of your research or citation, you can visit, call, e-mail or chat with a librarian. Find out how here.

President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney during the Oct. 2012 Presidential Debate

Presidential Debate - President Barak Obama and Republican Candidate Mitt Romney (4 Oct. 2012). Wikimedia Foundation. Denver, CO. 

Class "Try it!"



What do you notice when you check out this foundation on Wikipedia?: 

  • Who funds the "Foundation for a Smoke Free World"? 
  • What do we know about them (the funders)?


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