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CMST 220 Public Speaking

This guide is to help you find good topics and evidence for your Informative or Persuasive/Position speeches in CMST& 220: Public Speaking.


 This guide will help you with a common Communication Studies assignment: giving a speech.  This guide is intended to help you through your research and citation/annotation to complete your speech assignment. When you need assistance with any aspect of your research or citation, you can visit, call, e-mail or chat with a librarian. Find out how here.

President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney during the Oct. 2012 Presidential Debate

Presidential Debate - President Barak Obama and Republican Candidate Mitt Romney (4 Oct. 2012). Wikimedia Foundation. Denver, CO. 

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Lateral Searching - Evaluating Sources Exercise



  1. How does Wikipedia describe this group?
  2. Does that seem to match how the group presents themselves on their website?
  3. Now that you have additional information from this "lateral search" about the group (from the Wikipedia article), how would you describe the credibility of this resource?
  4. Extra, if time: What professional group might we look to for a similar resource that would be more credible?

Exercise credit: "Lateral Reading Exercise" by Anders Tobiason, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 license.