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One Book 2016-2017: How Does it Feel to be a Problem: Being Young and Arab in America: Home

One Book 16-17

Artist & Speaker Series

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Students, you may pick up a free copy of the One Book at the library circulation desk while supplies last! (Please bring your SID)


Spring Quarter:


Artist and Speaker Series (co-sponsored by Student Affairs):

One Book Author: Moustafa Bayoumi

Thurs. April 27. 7 - 9 pm in SU


Panel: Arab American Students: Who Are We?

A panel of local Arab American Students share their stories and experiences

Date TBA

Winter Quarter: Film Series

co-sponsors: Humanities Cultural Center (HCC), Green River Diversity and Equity Council (GDEC)

All films are in SU: Emerald City Room

Wed. Jan. 25. 1-3: Wadjda (Saudi Arabia) – A wonderful film about a girl who wants to ride a bike in very conservative Saudi Arabian culture

Wed. Feb. 22. 1-3: The Muslims Are Coming (US) – A comedic documentary featuring a diversity of Muslim American voices and experiences

Thanks for joining us this fall!

Fall Quarter: Brown Bag Lunch Series!

Tues. Oct. 4, 12-1 in SH110

I Am Here: resisting being erased in academic spaces – Itai Jeffries, sociology

Participants will explore what it means to be erased in academic spaces. Together, we will examine the work of social movement theorists and Indigenous/Scholars of Color to define what meaningful resistance to this erasure can look like in the classroom. This will be helpful for both faculty and students interested in visibilizing and empowering those forced into the margins of our society. The workshop will include small group work. Participants are expected to bring their full selves and a willingness to step outside of their own comfort zones in a brave space.

Tues. Oct. 25, 12-1 in SH110

Intersectionalities of being an Arab and Muslim woman in America – Marwa Almusawi, ODEI

Representations of Arab and Muslim women in Western cultures are rooted in histories of colonialism and imperialism. What are the consequences of such histories and how do they impact the lives of Arabs and Muslims today. What does it mean to be an Arab and Muslim woman living in America? This workshop will explore the implications, representations and lived experiences of Arab and Muslim identities and how they intersect.

Tues. Nov. 15, 12-1 in SH110 (Postponed!)

Arab American Students: Who Are We?

A panel of local Arab American Students share their stories and experiences