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Foundation for Success - International Programs: Welcome to the Holman Library

The Holman Library


to the Holman Library!

Start Here

Start Here

1. Watch the video below to learn about how the Holman Library can help you with research projects

Spotlight Tutorial: How to use the Library One Search to find sources

In this 10-minute video you will learn how to find books, videos and articles through the Primo One Search Discovery Tool

Primo One Search-Holman Library, Green River College Video Objectives:

  • Locate and use Primo OneSearch to find sources
  • Read the search results page, refine search results, and open resources from Primo

Reveal related Information Literacy Frame Objectives

Searching is Strategic

  • Recognize the range of information types appropriate to an information need and successfully navigate those resources with effective search terms and search strategies
  • Be tenacious and flexible in searching for the best information from a variety of sources

Source: Holman Library - Green River College (2017, January 20)
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

Finish Here

Finish Here

 2. Complete the assignment below about how to find books and articles in the Holman Library