ENGL 112 Introduction to Fiction

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Search for print books, ebooks, and videos available at the library and online.

Wondering what to type in the search box?

Use Keywords: Try searching country name (your story's setting), the title of your story, your story's author name, or an idea, such as cultural revolution, gender, colonialism, etc.

  • A new screen will open with your search results. This will be a list from the library's catalog.

Use Subject Terms: When you find a book that looks interesting and relevant, click on the title to open the record and scroll down to find subject terms assigned by the database. If you click on a Subject Term, it takes you to everything in that database on that subject! This is a useful research tool!

Searching Ebook Collections

Consider using the databases linked below to search just for ebooks that the library subscribes to. 

  • Search by title or topic 
  • Look at the Table of Contents to see what's inside
    • Consider any relevant chapters
  • Use the "Search Within" tool to search for words within the pages of the book
  • Email yourself a section of the book, or save a link back

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