This guide provides research resources and citation assistance for Engineering courses

Discovering News/Research - Nanotechnology example

When you are just starting out reading about news or research updates in a professional field, you may not be sure how to begin! Here are some tips on how to connect with news and research in this academic field.

Overviews and Current News

Starting with professional (trade) portals or current news in the subject will often lead to mentions of specific materials and / or research studies that you can search out for more information. The articles can give you more ideas to begin a search, more specialized terms (such as the Wired image below where the article headline mentions 'graphene'), and sometimes even links to current research.


Nanowerk is a nanotechnology portal that includes news about the latest research in the field and how nanotech is used in different industries:

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Nanowerk portal page outlining some of the uses of nanotechnology in the cement industry 

Scientific American and Wired are two general publications that post features on the web about current research in technology and science fields:

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screenshot of a Google search bar for Scientific American magazine on the web with the word nanotechnology entered

screenshot of a search on Wired's site showing 503 results for "nanotechnology" and highlighting a result that mentions the material "graphene"

(or to search Scientific American, Wired, or other publications on the web --to skim headlines for ideas-- you can use Google, linked below.)

Once you have an idea what topics you want to search on OR you have a source in mind:

You can use the Holman Library search tools to help you find more on topics mentioned or specific research articles mentioned-- in the library, in an academic article database through Holman Library, or on the web! See the 'Finding Article, Books, Reports, etc.' page for more information on how to locate items.

Advanced Google Searching: Be a power searcher

Advanced Google Searching

Use Google Advanced Search for power searching on the general web

  • Note your ability to limit to one particular domain (.gov, .edu, .org):

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Image of Google Advanced Search page

Auto CAD tutorial videos - LinkedIn Learning


Reference Starting Points

Use with caution!

Wikipedia can be a source to help you brainstorm keywords to begin a search in other resources.

Don't quote Wikipedia, and use linked sources only AFTER you have evaluated them.

Metallurgy Resources

Which Standard?

Be aware that materials may be referred to using several different standards systems. Some common examples:

  • SAE J404 steelSociety of Automotive Engineers standard
  • AISI 4140 steelAmerican Iron and Steel Institute standard
  • ASTM 1040 steelASTM International standard
  • UNS G10400 steelUniversal Numbering System (combined ASTM & AISI) standard
  • ISO 1461 hot dip galvanized coatings on steel items- International Standards Organization standards



One source used by many types of engineers and physicists is the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics. You can find the most recent version in Holman Library's Reference shelves:

Other Databases and Search Engines