ANTH Courses: Finding Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

ANTH 204 - Archaeology

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  • It is recommended that students choose peer-reviewed articles from the journals below
  • Make sure your article is about specific research from an archeological excavation, survey or laboratory analysis
  • Watch the video on this page which gives you detailed instructions about how to find and select articles that meet the requirements of your assignment
Recommended Journals:
Journals By Specific Topic:
Journals By Specific Region:

Video Tutorial - How to Find Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles for Anthropology Courses

Interlibrary Loan for finding articles

Can't find the full text of an article?

  1. Note down the author, title of article, name of the magazine, journal or newspaper, and date of publication
  2. Make an Interlibrary Loan Request using the link below so that the article can be sent to Green River's Holman Library 
    • Note: Requesting electronic articles from another library often takes 1-3 business days, or up to a week for physical item requests.
  3. Or Ask a Librarian for help by using the chat feature on the "Get Help" tab of this guide!