ENGL 101 English Composition 1 (Autoethnography Theme)

Project: Writing Autoethnography

What is an annotation?

An annotation is a summary that goes directly below an MLA Works Cited citation for each source.

In an annotation, you generally provide a 1-2 sentence summary of key information from each research source and assess that source using a tool like the CRAP test. 

Don't summarize the entire work if you only used part of it, such as one article from a reference encyclopedia. Instead, just summarize the part you used.

How can we judge quality information?

In class you have discussed the importance of using quality sources of information. In order to do so requires evaluating each source of info you use.

The attached rubric is one assessment tool.

Criteria to Evaluate Information
Assess: Is it the Best Source for your Needs?

  Excellent                      Good                         Not Good               


  • Is the info current enough for your topic?
  • If a website, when was it last updated?


  • What kind of expertise does the author have?
  • How do you know claims are reliable?


  • Does it meet the needs of your assignment?
  • Is it the most relevant info you can find?


  • Is this information balanced or biased?
  • Is it written to persuade? Inform? Educate? Amuse?