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HUMAN 133 People, Language and Culture: Accessing videos from Canvas

This subject guide is for students in Humanities 133.

How to view films in Canvas

Watching Films on Demand videos through Canvas

A word of warning: while you should be able to search for films in Films on Demand from inside your Canvas classroom, you may not be able to watch the video through Canvas. 

If your video won't load, look below the video for the Title URL. It looks like this: 

Copy the Title URL (highlight it and then hit contol C - be sure to get the entire address - it's long).

Open it for viewing in a new tab on your computer outside of Canvas. (Paste it into the address bar with control V.)

Alternatively, go to the Holman Library homepage on the web ( and open Films on Demand directly from the library homepage. (You cannot Google Films on Demand and get access to their film collection. You have to get the URL through the library page or your Canvas classroom.)