Anatomy & Physiology

This LibGuide will help you with resources and tips for your A/P course.

Tutorial websites

The following is a sampling from a terrific list of A & P links from Prince George's Community College, Largo, MD and a sampling of other links found or suggested to us (Thanks, Monument Charter Schools!).

Health and medicine websites/full text resources

There are many authoritative government and non-profit health and medicine websites around.  Here are a few:

YouTube on evaluating websites

Source: "Evaluating Web Sources " by Edmonds College Library , is licensed under a Standard YouTube License.

Evaluating websites

"The World Wide Web can be a great place to accomplish research on many topics. But putting documents or pages on the web is easy, cheap or free, unregulated, and unmonitored (at least in the USA)."  UC Berkeley, 2009


How can you determine if you have a "good" website? 
Assess the following:

•    Who publishes the website?  Is this a well-know or respected institution?
•    Is there contact information for authors of the website content?  What is their background or credentials?
•    Is it a commercial site (.com), a government site (.gov), an educational site (.edu), a non-profit or other organization (.org)? How does this affect  the information presented?
•    Do other reliable sites link to this one?
•    Are facts, ideas or references credible and backed up by citations to the original sources?

•    What is the purpose of this site: to sell, inform, entertain or persuade?
•    Who sponsors this website?  What is their agenda or goal?
•    For what audience is this site written?
•    Is there an explicit or hidden bias behind the information presented?
•    Is there advertising on the site? Does this influence information found on the site?
•    Are arguments well-reasoned and supported?

•    Is the information on the page up-to-date?
•    Is the page updated regularly?
•    Are there dead links?