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One Book 2019-2020: Immigration, Borders and Education - Behold the Dreamers & Papers: Holman Library One Search

Search for All Source Types / Get an Overview of Sources with One Search

One Search

You can use the Holman Library One Search to find Books (and more) in the library collection.

You can also use the One Search to explore ideas. Type in a search and skim the results list to see what journalists and researchers are discussing on the subject.

  • Build your search slowly with multiple search terms. 
  • When relevant, use quotation marks to keep words together, as a phrase. Example: "affordable housing"

Note: Go to individual databases for magazines, more subject terms, up-to-date streaming video content, and more.

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advanced search boxes

When you see results, you may need to limit further. As shown in the image below...

  • use the limiters on the left to filter your results by source type, subject, date, language, and more.

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Affordable housing-results-list-primo