ENGL 101 English Composition 1 (Ho)

Learn More about your Activists, Organizations, & Issues

Use the following strategies and tools to learn more about your topic.

Type keywords that capture your research focus into the Holman Library One Search. Let the One Search help you find a range of reliable sources of information.

Sample search

1. This search of BLM starts with the names of the organization's founders: 

BLM founders' names

2. My search returns several hundred results.

  • I browse through titles to see what looks useful. 
  • I click on a title to learn more about that source and to open it. (I can use the email icon to mail it to myself)
  • I can use the filters on the left to limit by source type.
    • Reference for background info from academic encyclopedias
    • Peer Reviewed articles for scholarship
  • I can refine my search and add another keyword to focus my search. For example, I could add Interviews on the next line.

VERY Important: Please keep in mind that if I add a specific term that captures the concept or theme I want to focus on, I may not get anything useful. What I can do instead is look for sources where they talk about their motivations, what the work means to them, how the work has changed them, how hard they had to work and how long they had to persist. These are the kinds of ideas and examples I can tie back to Douglass and Malcolm X. 

One example from a National Geographic article on BLM founder Alicia Garza: 

Garza-interview-Identity-Voice-Natl Geographic


This article (not just the excerpt) might be useful to me if I were to focus, for example, on the theme of the importance of claiming the power of language and voice for one's cultural identity, resistance, and pride.