ENGL 101 English Composition 1 (Ho)

Your Essay Assignment

Read the whole assignment above.

Write an essay addressing the following:

Step 1: First, compare/contrast both readings by discussing how X and Douglass’ essays/excerpts exemplify a theme or a set of themes in order to overcome the obstacles they faced.

  • The Douglass/X part is strictly from the readings (not necessarily outside research about their lives) – the purpose here is to assess your comprehension and critical reading skills

Step 2: Next, connect this same theme to a person, group, or movement by showing how they exemplify that theme in their fight against the obstacles of a current social injustice issue.

  • The current societal issue part will require research from your library databases – the purpose here is to learn about social issues we are facing today and how people/activists are fighting against these injustices to create a better and more equitable world for all of us. The intention is that you may find accessible means to fight against something you also feel strongly and passionately about when the common person often feels to small or miniscule to do anything about these grander and “unreachable” societal or global problems

Step 3: Lastly, connect this same theme to you and how you’ve either exemplified these themes in your own life and/or needed to when faced with your own personal obstacles, challenges, or injustice(s).

  • The personal part will obviously require reflection from your life – the purpose here is to either bring awareness to your own ontological strengths and/or apply these morals and lessons to your own life, so that when you face those personal obstacles, challenges, or injustices in the future, you can draw upon what you learned from Douglass and X to overcome them.
Prompt reframed as questions:
  • How does Douglass and X exemplify a moral/mindset through their similar, yet different experiences as narrated in their essays?
  • What are some current movements or current people who are also emblematic of these morals/mindsets in today’s fights against injustice? How do they embody or exemplify these morals/mindsets?
  • How could/should you individually, or the people close to you learn from Douglass/X and apply it to your own life. Or, how have you or haven’t you applied these lessons in your past and how have you learned from it?