ENGL 113 Introduction to Poetry

Track the Scholarly Conversation with Citations

Tracking Down a Citation

Advanced Researchers use many different strategies to track down resources on a subject. Try the following:

  • Search by critic/scholar name to see what else that person has written - hopefully on your subject.
  • In ProQuest and Academic Search Complete, once you open an article record by clicking on the title, the author's name is a keyword link to all that person's works indexed in our collections. (WorldCat would offer a more comprehensive overview).

(click on image to enlarge)

image of a result, point out the author

  • You may also just search the author's name. Change the Search Field to AU Author.
  • ProQuest and Academic Search Complete also link directly to article References. In ProQuest you can use Cited by to see who cited the article. 
  • Read closely through the Works Cited at the end of a helpful  source and use the library One Search to see if we carry works that sound relevant.
    • Paste or type in the work title. For long titles, try just the opening.

Find and borrow books from other libraries

Search for an item in libraries near you:
WorldCat.org >>
  1. Use the search box to find books in libraries across the United States.
  2. If you find a book not owned by GRC, keep the record open in WorldCat.
  3. Open a new window with the Interlibrary Loan form (use the link below) to request that the book be sent to GRC's Holman Library free of charge! (note: this process may take 1-2 weeks)