ENGL 113 Introduction to Poetry

Finding Background Info

Finding Background Information

Resources on this page will help you find background sources on historical, social, political, and aesthetic contexts to the works and authors you study. 

Gale Literature

Read Topic & Work Overviews from Gale Literature to get started with: 

  • an introduction to social, historical, political contexts from which a poet worked
  • an overview of the critical reception to a poet's work
  • a discussion of key themes and aesthetic elements in the author's work

(click on image to enlarge)Topic Overviews & Bios in Gale Literature

Biography in Context

  • Read biographies to learn about an author's life, time, and literary work.

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Joy Harjo Biography in Context

U.S. History in Context & World History in Context

Read reference articles for an overview to historical, cultural, political contexts.

  • You may search by name, era or event. You may also browse for ideas. 

You may browse for topic ideas if you don't know what to search for. You may also search. 

  • The image below shows how to browse for historical contexts. 
  • Once you choose a link, select Reference articles from the list of sources. 

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US History in Context Browse