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Black Lives Matter

The momentum for cultural and political change stemming from the reemergence of Black Lives Matter demonstrations this summer has been extraordinary. Throughout communities across the country, portraits of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor are wheat-pasted on building walls. Signs that read black lives matter are posted in residential and storefront windows, and the words have been painted onto city streets. Statues that venerate racists, segregationists, and Confederates have come tumbling down. Brands and corporations have rushed to acknowledge systemic racism, ranging between strong and lukewarm commitments to addressing structural inequities. The Minneapolis City Council unanimously voted to dismantle its police department. And school districts in Oakland, California, and Madison, Wisconsin, announced plans to terminate their police contracts. But as the end of summer approaches, will this transformative energy last or languish?

-From The Atlantic article "Black Lives Matter Just Entered Its Next Phase"

(linked & cited below)

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Linked below are websites and articles relevant to the BLM movement, with a focus on the recent protests and events of 2020. 

Source citation: McFadden, Syreeta. "Black Lives Matter Just Entered Its Next Phase." The Atlantic, Sept. 2020, Accessed 22 Sept. 2020.

Listening to Firsthand Experiences


"StoryCorps is an American non-profit organization whose mission is to record, preserve, and share the stories of Americans from all backgrounds and beliefs" Use the links below to find stories related to the BLM movement and justice issues.

Source: Traffic Stop by StoryCorps, Standard YouTube license

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