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What Academic Honesty is, why it matters, and how to build your own academic integrity


Students: This Academic Honesty Guide is for you!

Use the tabs above to learn about what academic honesty is, when, how and why you need to cite, when you don't need to cite, and much more. You'll also find some helpful tutorials in here.

Take advantage of this resource for college...and for your life!

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Academic Honesty Guide

Academic Honesty for Students

As you pursue your education here at GRCC and elsewhere, you will be exposed to the ideas, theories, and creative works of countless scholars, scientists, and artists. Whether the project is an essay, a solution to a math problem, or a research paper, it becomes important to consider how to incorporate the ideas of others and how sources will be identified and cited. This means that academic honesty is foundational to all types of critical commentary, scholarly inquiry, and knowledge production expected by instructors at GRCC.

Sixty percent of Green River Community College students transfer to four-year colleges and universities to pursue bachelor degrees in every field imaginable. Some of the important skills that GRCC students take with them are the ability to research and cite their sources correctly.

The following document is a resource to help all students at Green River Community College understand the institution’s definitions and policies regarding academic honesty. Please read it carefully and use it as a resource for all your courses at Green River Community College.

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