SOC 271 Sociology of Deviance

Possible Topic areas for Sociological Deviance Research

Some possible RESEARCH AREAS/TOPICS to explore in the field of sociological deviance.

Note that these are very broad topic areas and that this list is not exhaustive.

  • sexual (narrower topic examples: BDSM, celibate by choice, incest...etc.)
  • religious communities
  • ascribed status (born into a specific community)
  • body modification
  • self-injury
  • suicide
  • mental illness
  • hacking activism
  • drug use
  • political (groups on the left, right, and beyond)

You may also wish to browse this book for topic ideas:

List of Subcultures

A partial list of subcultures.  You will need to determine if they fit the sociological definition of "deviant":

Find Perspectives from within Deviant Communities

Suggested ways to search for sources and conversations from people within the deviant communities themselves:

1. Go to

2. Type in the name of your community and one of the search words below.  You may have to try several different searches:

  • blogs
  • listservs
  • forums
  • chat rooms
  • Reddit


roller derby blogs
roller derby chat rooms
roller skating forums


3. Also try searching for groups in


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