SOC 271 Sociology of Deviance

Find Background Info

Before you start more complex research, gain good, grounded background info on your topic.

1. Click the Gale Virtual Reference Library link below:
2. Do a basic search on your community.

A) You may have to try different words for the community or its members

Example: roller derby  Example: roller skaters

  • click all images below to enlarge:

search = roller derby

search = roller skaters

B) You may have to do a search on a specific aspect of your community.

Example: In roller derby, traditional notions of femininity are challenged and also tattoos are common among members.  So I can can search on "femininity sports" or "tattoos"

search = femininity sports

search = tattoos

3. Different books give you different flavors of information, so you you may want to use a couple books to give you a fuller understanding of your topic. 
  • click images to enlarge:

4. You can use these articles as sources for your project.  Also, scan the article for search words that you can use for future searches:
  • click image to enlarge

5. Get citation info and save a stable link to the article so you can access it later:
  • click image to enlarge:

6. Use new concepts and words to do subsequent, more advanced searches for books, videos and articles

SOC 271 Research Worksheet

Advanced Google Searching

Advanced Google Searching

Use Google Advanced Search for power searching on the general web

Note your ability to limit to one particular domain (.gov, .edu, .org):

(Click on image to enlarge)

Image of Google Advanced Search page

Find Perspectives from within Deviant Communities

Suggested ways to search for sources and conversations from people within the deviant communities themselves:

1. Go to

2. Type in the name of your community and one of the search words below.  You may have to try several different searches:

  • blogs
  • listservs
  • forums
  • chat rooms
  • Reddit


roller derby blogs
roller derby chat rooms
roller skating forums


3. Also try searching for groups in