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HUMAN 142 Japanese Culture: HUM 142 Research - Start Here


Welcome to your research guide for HUM 142 - Japanese Culture (Summer 2020)!

Research is a process.

Step 1: Understand your assignment

  • Read your assignment
  • Ask questions
  • List starting requirements (number of sources, essay type, etc.)

Step 2: Start with a general topic idea 

  • Read background information in Reference works and learn
  • Ask questions
  • Identify key concepts and key words
  • Identify key issues and different points of view
  • Refine and focus your topic 

Step 3: Find information

  • Use keywords to search for information in books, articles, and other sources
  • Add to your keywords list: broader terms, narrower terms, related terms
  • Use smart search strategies 

Step 4: Evaluate

  • Assess your information sources for authority and bias
  • Are they good choices for your academic project?

Step 5: Cite Your Sources

  • Cite your sources 
  • Summarize and evaluate your sources in an annotated bibliography 



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