ENGL 128 Research Writing: Science, Engineering and Business (Frazier)

For students in Callae Frazier's English 128

Environmental Sustainability in Business

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Environmental Sustainability in Business

This guide is for students in Callae Frazier's English 128: 

Environmental Sustainability in Business - A Financially Beneficial Option?

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Project: This quarter you will examine various ways businesses and companies could benefit from and potentially even positively impact our natural environments on local and global scales. As a member of Green River’s newly developed “Business and Environmental Sustainability Team” (BEST, C. Frazier, CEO), you will take on the role of a research consultant for a Pacific Northwest company or business. In an era in which global climate change seems to appear in the news every week, anything your client (your business or organization) can do to say, “We’re part of the solution, not the problem” is good for its bottom line.

Your goal as a consultant at BEST is to develop a proposal with concrete suggestions for how your company can reduce its environmental impact or footprint without costing any money, and potentially even improving its profits.

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