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CMST 238 Intercultural Communication (Fellers): Home


Welcome to your CMST 238 Intercultural Communication research guide for Charlotte Fellers' class! This guide will help you locate and analyze peer-reviewed communication articles on intercultural topics and locate graphic novels at Holman Library. 

Use the tab sections above to navigate through this guide.

left: image of two girls making hand gestures, right: crowd gesturing at a concert

Left photo: Nicole Honeywill

Right photo: Nicholas Green

What are 'annotations'?

When you have located your article and cite it, the annotation will go directly below the source citation.

What is an annotation?

Your annotation is a summary -- explain in 2-4 sentences what information the source contained, particularly what was important / interesting / unusual compared to other sources. Keep in mind you're summing up the information from the article, NOT providing an opinion on the content or conclusions.