CMST 220 Public Speaking (Denton)

This guide will help you find evidence for an informative speech or a persuasive speech on a selected social issue for Kelsey Denton's CMST &220.

Evidence: Statistics

Statistics and recommedation reports can help you connect your best practice back to "real life" by suggesting the need or conditions surrounding your issue. 

Note of caution!!  Don't abuse statistics! Use them only when they are absolutely necessary to strengthen your argument or thesis.

General Statistics & Government Sources

United States

International Statistics

Where Can I Find Statistics?

Household income in Seattle 2014

Strategies for Finding Statistics

1. Many statistics are gathered by government agencies (for example, the U.S. Department of Energy) or large organizations (for example, The American Cancer Society.) To search within government websites, include "" in a google or other search engine search.

2. However, you can also find good statistics within books or journal, magazine or newspaper articles

3. When you find statistics, check the source of the data.  In other words, does the book, article or website list where the statistics came from?  Do they come from a reputable or well-known source?  If not, attempt to find statistics from a more trustworthy source.