Holman Library Information Literacy Instruction Plan

Library Instruction

Library Instruction

GRC students build their information literacy skills through information literacy instruction embedded throughout the curriculum.

Instruction Philosophy

Faculty librarians will work to embed information literacy across the curriculum that is:

  • outcome-based,
  • developmentally appropriate,
  • disciplinarily relevant,
  • assessable,
  • format neutral (online or face-to-face),
  • accessible, and
  • culturally responsive and inclusive.

Faculty librarians will curate and deliver a collection of asynchronous learning modules and video tutorials for student use and for faculty to integrate into courses, particularly in online and hybrid classes.

Core Instructional Areas

​Faculty librarians will provide information literacy instruction in all core instructional areas of the college.

  • College Transfer Education
    • Target key prerequisite and transfer courses, in particular:
      • English 101: Composition 1
      • English 126, 127, and 128: Research Writing in the Disciplines
      • Communication Studies 220: Public Speaking
  • Career and Technical Education
    • Target each cohort in entry level Prof/Tech programs, in particular:  
      • Health Sciences – Nursing, PTA and OTA cohorts
      • Criminal Justice
    • Target BAS cohorts for advanced information competencies, in particular:
      • Natural Resources
      • IT – software development and network security
      • Aviation – capstone project
      • Business – support branch campus BAS programs
      • Early Childhood Ed
      • Court Reporting and Captioning – require INFO credit course
  • College Readiness Education
    • Target courses in Transitional Studies for introduction to academic libraries and college information literacy, in particular:
      • ELL Level 4, 5 and 6
      • Transitional Studies Reading/ Writing/ Social Science/Science
      • High School Completion
  • Continuing and Community Education
    • Target International Programs for introduction to academic libraries and college information literacy, in particular:
      • IP College Bridge
      • IEP
Credit-Bearing Information Courses

Faculty librarians will offer quarterly credit-bearing information literacy classes, and annually review:

  • the need for additional credit-bearing courses to support Academic Transfer and BAS Programs, and 
  • librarian capacity to offer additional credit-bearing classes.