Holman Library Information Literacy Instruction Plan

Faculty Librarians

Faculty Librarians

Oversight, class scheduling, and assessment of the program is managed by a tenure-track faculty librarian Instruction Lead. Administrative oversight includes the Dean of Library, eLearning, and Media Services, the Dean of Humanities, and the Vice President of Instruction.

Full-time faculty librarians serve as liaisons to divisions, departments and programs in the four core instructional areas of GRC. Liaisons are responsible for developing relationships with faculty within their liaison areas by:

  • meeting with all new faculty through new faculty orientations and/or other outreach,
  • attending liaison division meetings regularly, and
  • communicating with faculty in divisions regularly.

Faculty librarians are responsible for:

  • collaborating with subject faculty within their liaison areas to design customized, discipline-specific, and developmentally appropriate information literacy projects, research, and instruction,
  • providing consultation with discipline faculty to help integrate information literacy concepts into their classes.  This includes consultation on assignments, instruction, and assessment,
  • providing tools that discipline faculty can use to integrate information literacy into their classes.  This includes assignment best practices, online instruction modules, asynchronous learning tutorials, and assessment rubrics,
  • identifying and assessing appropriate student learning outcomes, and
  • performing outreach to faculty in their subject liaison areas to ensure that the library meets curriculum needs.

Information literacy classroom instruction is taught primarily by librarians within their liaison areas.

Librarians are responsible for an annual review of the information literacy instruction program and make needed revisions.

  • Collection Development (All Divisions): Marji MacKenzie, ext. 2101
  • Instruction Coordinator: Jody Segal, ext. 6488
Instruction Liaison Librarians by Division
Division Department Liaison Librarian
Business and Law All Jody Segal, ext. 6488
Continuing & Community Ed. All Katie Cunnion, ext. 6482
English All Jody Segal, ext. 6488
Fine Arts All Amanda Chinext. 6481
Health Sciences and Education All Jennifer Rohan, ext. 6487
Humanities All Katie Cunnion, ext. 6482
Intensive English Program (IEP) All Amanda Chin, ext. 6481
Mathematics All Amanda Chin, ext. 6481
Science All Jody Segal, ext. 6488
Social Science All Jennifer Rohan, ext. 6487
Technology All (except Aviation) Katie Cunnion, ext. 6482
  Aviation Amanda Chin, ext 6481
Trades All Katie Cunnion, ext. 6482
Transitional Studies & Wellness All (except ELL) Amanda Chin, ext. 6481
  English Language Learning (ELL) Jennifer Rohan, ext. 6487